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Drowsy Driver Detection System Using Matlab Code caelray




? I just wanted to know if it is possible or not. For now, this question is just only about the feasibility of getting some basics done on this system. Any help on this will be highly appreciated. A: Yes it is possible. You can use the Matlab Signal Processing Toolbox for this. The idea is to perform an FFT (fast Fourier transform) on the signal. The output is an array of frequencies (D) and amplitudes. To detect drowsiness, you can compare the amplitude of the frequency corresponding to the driver's favourite music or a favorite radio channel to the amplitude of the frequencies corresponding to the normal ranges of humans in the same car. If the ratio between the two is too high (ie amplitudes are too low), it is likely that the driver is drowsy. You can perform all this in MATLAB by reading in your sound files using the audioread command. Then use the pwelch command to compute the FFT and then compare the output to a matlab function which computes the frequency of each ear and compares the ratio to thresholds. If you want more information on how to do this, you can download the free Matlab Signal Processing toolbox from Mathworks and see what they do. Note that Matlab's Audio Input section is not very informative in the sense that they only show an example of code which uses PCM sound (I can't find a link right now to the script which uses the Matlab toolbox's demo files) but you should be able to adapt it to read your files. If you want more information on FFT's, Wikipedia has a good article on it. Edit: You mentioned that the audio signal is recorded on a mobile phone. I have seen some research on such issues. There is a paper titled: "Involuntary body movements in sleep-deprived drivers while driving a simulated car" which describes the differences between the movements of sleep-deprived drivers while sitting in a simulator and normal people. For example, the drivers tend to shake their head much more often and tend to look into the corners of the simulator more often. These movements increase the driver's fatigue and are related to drowsiness. This article was published in 'Experimental Brain Research' and is freely available online:



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Drowsy Driver Detection System Using Matlab Code caelray

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